My Norman Rockwell Copies.

This is my Latest Copy ( in Oils ) of Norman Rockwell`s 'GOSSIP'. 2022.

Here is a close up of my work - The size was 20 x 16. ( Not bad for a 74 Year Old. )

I loved this One - It`s called 'April Fool' and it has about 20 mistakes in the painting - I added another 10.

I enjoyed painting this one  'Saying Grace". I gave it to a Friend as a Gift.

This one came out well..Enjoyed it.

This one I copied was 'Tom Sayer'  - Look at the Boy`s Face - Nobody paints Faces as good as Rockwell.

The Baby Sitter - Brilliant Study - all in Oils.

" Leaving Home ' - Again what a Wonderful Study - Rockwell was amazing.

Yes !!! This was me in the Old Days in my Studio....I couldn't stop Painting - I loved it...

' No Swimming' - This one was Quite easy - not so much detail. 

'The Plumbers' - Bit like Laurel and Hardy - Makes you Smile every time you look at it.

Not easy - Played around with colour - I was very happy with the Finish.

'Going to the Prom' - Fantastic !!!

My UPDATE of Rockwell`s "The Joker" - I changed the Colours - Better than the Original. 

" Self Portrait " - I was very pleased with it -until somebody noticed I left an Chair strut off of my Painting.. ( under the Mirror )

I revamped this Rockwell painting and put Our Priest - Fr. Ray onto the Painting....There was nothing of Fr. Ray at the Orphanage - so I gave him this Painting - He LOVED IT.

Untitled presentation